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Monday, March 31, 2008

Guess I don't swear enough, huh?

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I got this from Rachel Lucas, who weighed in just short of "f-bomb".

Should I be embarassed? I feel like a prude now. I don't swear a lot on my blog, because that's not what you come here for, right? Right?

Well, I guess I'll be a little edgy and drop a random "shit" and "asshole". Just to up my rating a bit.

Serious blogging resuming shortly.


6ofus said...

Don't do it! I hate when good people appologize for being "prudes". What's next? "I'm sorry that I'm not a hooker."
By the way, I sometimes have a foul mouth but that doesn't make it right.

philmon said...

I don't think swearing is a sin, per se. But I think it's vastly overrated.

Beeeeeeeeeee yourself.

Michael E. Stora, Ph.D. said...

I have a different take. Preserve the ability to profane. Think back to a time somone who never swears used profanity to emphasize a point and everone took notice and was speechless. Could someone who drops f-bonbs all over the place for the most trivial reasons do that? No. They have lost the ability to profane. Don't cheapen the merchandise!