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Monday, March 3, 2008

Carrie Underwood kicks Rihanna's butt

It's a slow news day, so here's some more fun video for you.

Here's Carrie Underwood, live in concert with Keith Urban. They do a cover of Rihanna's smash song "Umbrella", which, in my opinion, is waaay better than the original. Decide for yourself.

Carrie, singing live:

Rihanna, singing the original version:

Rihanna's version just doesn't compare in my opinion. Carrie Underwood is much, much more talented than Rihanna is, who is only moderately talented and quite obviously relies on studio manipulation to make her sound better. Don't get me wrong -- Rihanna is a good, solid singer, and the song is certainly infectious. But she isn't even in the same league as Carrie Underwood, who has proved on her concert tour that she kicks Rihanna's butt all over the place when it comes to this song. It's also interesting to see the difference in the two videos. Like all of Rihanna's videos, she uses mass amounts of sex appeal to draw audiences to her, whereas Carrie, while beautiful, lets her talent speak for itself.

We could use more Carrie Underwoods in the music industry today, couldn't we?